Hi guys, I’m JC from Iloilo. Let me clarify first that I am not a meteorologist or a weather forecaster nor I have a formal study on weather & meteoeology. I’m just interested in weather & how it affects our daily lives. Then Panahon Ngayon were created to provide informations for everyone who are also interested in weather specially here in the Philippines.


8 responses to “About”

  1. Anonymous says :

    its a big help!!thanks

  2. tj says :

    Your site is good,,, i always visited your website,, it is so helpful,, tnx

  3. Natasha Marie M. Seal says :

    anung signal naba ang buong metro manila?wala na ba ang bagyong ruby?

  4. Richard den Boer says :


    I searched to contact form on the site, but couldt find it. If you can please contact me at RdenBoer82[@]yahoo.com? Without the [-].

    Kind regards,

    Richard den Boer.

  5. jhan lawrence mauricio says :

    mang tani mayroon pa bang bagyo na paparating dito sa pilipinas

  6. papa ben says :

    Can you help me out find a weather forcaster in luzon area but outside metro manila thanks

  7. Anonymous says :

    Good am po ass q lang po kung saan lugan n manila ang mga walang pasok ngaun araw

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