Possible Wipha Threatens Japan Next Week

Developing Wipha Sat

An area of disturbed weather near Guam is on the verge of becoming Tropical Storm Wipha on Thursday.


This area has already been bringing high surf to the Mariana islands and persistent rain showers and thunderstorms across Guam.  The Guam area often sees the types of storms. Weak barely organized systems in early stages of development.


I write early stages of development because many models are in agreement that Wipha will be named sometime on Thursday or Friday track north, intensify and possibly become a Typhoon over the weekend.

Possible Track of Developing Wipha

Possible Track of Developing Wipha


Where will this possible Typhoon be going?

For those from Okinawa to Tokyo I wouldn’t start Typhoon proofing just yet. But there is a threat of this storm impacting the pacific coast of Japan. Models vary on exactly where it will go. Each handling the Westpac high and a trough that is running over Japan during the coming weekend slightly differently.

On the far right of the spectrum the storm runs over Iwo-Jima and turns north staying well out to sea with the biggest threat to mainland Japan being high waves early next week.

On the left side of the spectrum is the storm tracking west towards the Okinawa islands, clipping them and then turning north towards the Kyushu area as a Typhoon.

In the middle and where if I was betting I would place it is the storm moving North West and then turning north moving on shore near the Kii. Pen and then heading towards the Tokyo area including Yokosuka by Monday in to Tuesday.

That is just my initial thoughts right now and the confidence in it is very low. Thus the expression (betting, Im never confident in poker either)

Stay tuned with us at Westpacwx.com for new information on this developing storm. After it forms a much clearer picture will be made of where exactly it will end up.



Source: www.westernpacificweather.com


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