Bagyong TD Santi / Nari, Danas in Japan, Wipha near Guam and Phailin to India

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The tropics are a powder keg in the western pacific and mother nature is grinning right at us with a match in her hand on today October 9th 2013.     

Danas continues to bring heavy rainfall across the Northern Portions of Japan today. Good news is this storm is now a shell of its former self when it was packing winds up to 252kph near Okinawa. Winds were recorded though up to 144kph in Shimane prefecture and damage to unsecure and light structures did occur in portions of Kyushu.  At this time no casualties have been reported anywhere due to Danas.

Now the storm is racing over northern Honshu towards the northern Pacific where it will become a strong extra-tropical low pressure area this week.

Santi / Nari Sat

The tropics do not by any means become calm behind this storm. PAGASA named Santi is developing in the Philippine sea today and is forecasted to track west towards Luzon in to the weekend. At this time this storm will likely strengthen in to a Severe Tropical Storm or a Weak Typhoon before pushing on shore along the North East Sea Board or Luzon before tracking west north of Manila.

This very well could bring flooding rains and damaging winds much like what we saw when Utor rolled through this area just over a month ago.

At this time PAGASA has stated “SANTI will not yet effect any part of the country”  I think this is very poor wording. It will impact the country though. So be ready.

When JMA names Santi it will also be called “Nari” and will be the 25th named storm of the 2013 Typhoon Season.

Near Guam residents in the Marina islands will be plagued this week with showers from another Tropical Depression soon to be named Wipha likely through the next 24hrs. This area is still in its formation phase and exactly where it will be going is uncertain. Everyone along the pacific coast of Japan should continue to watch it closely though. Best case scenario would it be staying off shore. Yet worst case would it be slamming the Tokyo area as a full on Typhoon. We will continue to keep you posted.




Meanwhile all this is going on our friends in the Indian Ocean are watching a Tropical Depression and likely the first named storm (Phailin) since May before the Monsoonal season kicked in. At this time the IMD has issued warnings in the Andaman sea saying unsecured structures could receive damage as the system spins in the area.

JTWC forecast this storm to make landfall along the eastern sea board of India through the weekend as well as a Strong Typhoon.




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