Possible Cyclone Phailen, Typhoon Nari, and Its snowing!

Sat Update

Sat Update

Yes, the title says it all. Outside of Typhoon Fitow and Danas which both storms we are watching very closely. It is still a very active and overall busy day across eastern asia.

On the heels of Danas a new storm is likely to form and will be named Naris near Mariana islands.  The current outlook in place is still very long range but most signs indicate at the very least a Tropical Storm forming and tracking west ahead of a building ridge over the western pacific following Danas. This would be our new likely storm towards northern Luzon.  This is just a long range outlook at this time but many models are anticipating something like that occurring and impacting the Philippines by next weekend.

On the same note a Low Pressure area over Thailand shows significant signs of becoming the first named storm in the Indian Ocean Basin since May when Cyclone Mahesen pushed in to India.  GFS and NAVGEM both indicate a storm forming in the second half the week and pushing towards the Bay of Bengal. Given the already developed LPA over China and the warm waters of the Bay of Bengal accompanied by a lax in vertical wind shear with the subsiding of the south west monsoon over the area.  This scenario occurring seems likely.

And finally to completely switch gears. It has been snowing hard across Mongolia and Far East Russia this past weekend with some areas seeing accumulations over 5cm in  the past 24hrs. Which means winter is right around the corner.  So with the tropics firing like crazy right now still be ready for a big change of pace in the near future.


Source: www.westernpacificweather.com


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