Usagi Intensifies, Impact on Taiwan and SE China

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Severe Tropical Storm Usagi continues to intensify today as it lingers to the east of the Philippines. The storms overall structure has improved over the past 24hrs and the forecast indicates it will continue to do so through the coming days. Max intensity still depicts winds up to 75-85kts making Usagi our third named Typhoon of the Western Pacific Tropical Season. At this time there is fair confidence in the track of the storm passing right along the southern tip of Taiwan before pushing west towards South Eastern China possibly impacting the Hong Kong area by the end of the Weekend. Yet the long-range is still uncertain I would still continue to watch it closely from Hainan to Quanzhou.

Sat Analysis

Sat Analysis

Usagi is also producing an enhanced monsoonal effect across the Philippines. Through Wednesday Evening in to Thursday heavy showers are anticipated as the storm starts to track north of the islands. Elsewhere in the Tropics we have a weak TD pushing over the Indo-China Peninsula today, this storm is expected to remain weak yet it will produce a heavy amount of rainfall across the region.

Usagi Impact

Usagi Impact


As for outside the Tropics, calmer and drier weather is in place following TROPICAL STORM MAN-YI . Not Typhoon as many media outlets are reporting. Some of the driest weather since the start of June is being seen in Tokyo.



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