Typhoon Utor / Labuyo Update #3 Dangerous Forecast

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Utor continues to rapidly develop today in to now the second officially named Typhoon in the Western Pacific this season. This update we talk about the intensification of this storm system and its impacts on the Philippines. Further more the long range models have shifted slightly putting Hong Kong in the threat area of this storm system. The near term threat though is the storms impact across Luzon. One Key thing to note is that Manila still remains in the Cone of error of Utor / Labuyo.

Also in the Tropical a Tropical Depression is spinning up in the South China sea, this area is forecasted to remain weak yet we do touch on what the forecast is for it and what to expect out of it in the coming days.

Timeline for Typhoon Utor as of Saturday 09UTC is as follows.

Saturday Evening : Dangerous Rip Currents and Surf felt across north eastern Luzon. Visistors and residents in the area should stay out of the water and avoid ferry travel along the east coast.

Typhoon Utor

Sunday Morning: Rainbands expected to first impact southern Luzon and then progressivly work north through the morning in to early afternoon hours. Some could bring intense short time heavy rain, dangerous lightning and the threat of landfalling water spouts in the outer bands of Utor.

Sunday Night: Typhoon Strength winds possible in Southern and Central Luzon including damaging wind gust in the Manila area as winds flow onshore off the South China Sea. Any travel via water should be banned and venturing to the coast along eastern Luzon will be very dangerous as waves up to 5m high will be impacting the coastline.

Monday Morning: The storm is forecasted to make landfall around Isabela as a Severe Typhoon with winds up to 170kph in the right front quadrant of the storm system.  The exact location of landfall is still uncertain at this time and it still could waver to the north and to the south as indicated in the cone of error below. *IMPORTANT Manila is still in the cone of error. Dangerous amounts rainfall will bring the risk of flooding and landslides across much Northern Luzon.

Monday Night: Utor will start to emerge in to the South China Sea still bringing damaging winds along the West Coast Of Luzon as far south as Subic Bay.

Tuesday: Utor will continue to intensify, at this time the cone of error increases dramatically ranging from impact in Hong Kong or Hainan by Wednesday.

Westpacwx Utor Track Not Official

Westpacwx Utor Track Not Official

Source: www.westernpacificweather.com


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